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IDP Patent Services

IDP Patent Services offers a full range of patent prosecution services including provisional and non-provisional patent applications, patent  search and prior art search, patent prosecution, patent reexamination, patent appeal, ex parte examination, post grant review, as well as other specialized services. We also offer international PCT applications and direct international patent application filings, all via our network of international affiliates.

All our US patent application and prosecution work is electronically filed. Our clients receive direct web based access to their personal case files, and are able to follow directly along with status updates and document updates.

We emphasize high quality and simple process flows, and work to ensure a high degree of collaboration and transparency in interaction with our clients. We also believe in ensuring that all services are provided at a reasonable and predictable cost. Almost all services are provided under a fixed or capped  fee schedule, covering both the initial application and subsequent prosecution to final issue.

IDP Innovation Consulting

IDP Innovation Consulting offers innovation development and technology road map services for start-ups and growing companies.  Our range of services include managed innovation brainstorm clinics, technology roadmap analysis, technology due diligence, patent portfolio management, and program management.​

Almost all services are provided under a fixed or capped  fee schedule.

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