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Innovation Consulting & Patent Licensing

IDP Patent Services as a matter of normal service advices our customers on business development, market planning, startup mobilization, and related matters. Paerticularly we are glad to help our independent inventors and startups with general advice on startup planning and operations. Such services are generally given on a no-additional-fee as part of ongoing patenting assignments


On a selected basis, we take on business development and marketing for patenting customers in areas where we have have particular market insight. This can involve contacting manufacturers and negotiating business agreement for the licensing and sale of intellectual property. We do not provide general legal advice or services, but focus strictly on business development, marketing, and sales aspects. Such services are always based on contingent fee agreement, such that any fees are calculated as a percentage of client income related to our efforts. We strongly advice our current or prospective clients to excercise due caution when reviewing offers for such services whenever upfront payment is required.  


Innovation Consulting

Based on long-term experience with managing startup, technology, and engineering operations, IDP Patent Services can offer advice on how to mobilize your startup and create momentum.


We generally provide these services on a no-additional-fee basis, as part of ongoing fixed fee patenting work.

Patent Licensing & Sales 

On a limited basis we take on contingent-fee assignment for business development, marketing and sales related to patents and other intellectual property. We analyze market opportunities and engage in dialogue with manufactures, and negotiate business terms for the licensing or sale of the intellectual property. Such services are always provided on a strict contingency basis, requiring no upfront payment, with fees based on a percentage of client related income. 

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