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Innovation & Startup Consulting

IDP Patent Services offers technology management, innovation development and technology strategy analysis services for startups and growing companies. Our range of services include technology roadmap analysis, technology due diligence, patent portfolio management, and program management.​ Additionally we provide Acting CTO and related technology and business development advisory service.

Software Management

IDP Patent Services can help establish and manage software teams for critical development projects. Often this can be a cost-effective way to bootstrap technology development for startups and fast-growing companies

Technology Due Diligence

IDP Patent Services assesses product technology and patent portfolios as part of merger and acquisition due diligence.

Acting CTO

We work with early stage startups where business oriented founders are still seeking a technology co-founder. We provide the combination of in-depth technology understanding and long-term experience with startup dynamics to bridge the gap until a permanent CTO is onboard.

Technology Roadmap Analysis

IDP Patent Services analyzes a company’s business plan against short-term and long-term core product technology plans. We review technology drivers and identify stretch targets. Technology roadmap analyses can help identify weak spots and confirm strategy for startups and companies entering new markets

Program Management

We offer program management services related to emerging technologies and core-business technology development. As part of this service, we work with management to determine strategic priorities and resolve project inter-dependencies.


Startup Advisory Services

​IDP Patent Services acts as technology and innovation advisors to the board and executive management for technology startups and growing companies expanding into new markets.

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