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At IDP Patent Services, we are dedicated to delivering affordable patent application services that cater to the needs of inventors and businesses seeking to protect their innovations with a focus on cost efficiency and high quality. Our specialized approach ensures that clients across the United States and internationally receive expert guidance in navigating the complexities of patent applications, including the strategic management of international patents and PCT applications, all offered at transparent, fixed, or capped fees.

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve a wide range of clients, from large national and global enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and independent inventors. Our commitment to affordable patent services is designed to facilitate the patent application and prosecution process, making it accessible to all innovators seeking to secure their intellectual property rights without compromising on quality or expertise.

Beyond the realm of patent applications, IDP Patent Services extends its affordable and comprehensive support to include innovation consulting, patent licensing, and sales, as well as start-up mobilization. These services are aimed at enhancing our clients' innovation strategies, technology roadmap planning, business development, and overall technology management, ensuring a well-rounded approach to intellectual property protection and commercialization.

Our philosophy revolves around making affordable patent application services accessible to every innovator, empowering them to protect and advance their inventions with confidence. By choosing IDP Patent Services, you're not just securing a patent; you're investing in a partnership that values your innovation and seeks to protect it with utmost care and professionalism.


Licensed to practice in patent cases before the USPTO and holding graduate degrees in engineering and computer science, our team offers unparalleled expertise for technology companies in need of affordable patent services.

Our background in engineering and technology management positions us as the ideal partner for those seeking cost-effective patent protection for their innovations, ensuring your product developments are safeguarded without compromising on quality or expertise.


At IDP Patent Services, our commitment is to deliver high-quality, affordable patent application and prosecution services. We begin this process with a complimentary consultation, during which we provide a basic patentability opinion. This initial step is integral to our approach, ensuring that potential clients can understand the viability of their inventions without any financial commitment. Our pricing structure is designed to be transparent and cost-efficient, supporting inventors and businesses in protecting their innovations effectively and affordably.


IDP Fixed Fee Schedule

How to Get a Patent - Fast and Simple

In the current first-to-file patent system in the US, the timing of invention conception is not a factor for priority claims. This emphasizes the importance for IP owners and inventors to file their patent applications promptly after an invention is made to safeguard their intellectual property rights.


IDP Patent Services simplifies this process, offering affordable patent application packages. These packages facilitate the filing of sequential provisional applications as an innovation evolves, culminating in a non-provisional application within a year, securing priority from the provisional filings.


As a highly regarded provider, IDP Patent Services ensures quality and cost-effectiveness, outperforming traditional patent attorneys or firms. Contact us for a complimentary consultation on securing your innovation.

How to patent a product?

What does it cost to file a patent application?

Leveraging advanced technology and streamlined work processes, coupled with our dedication to value-based growth, IDP Patent Services delivers both high-quality and cost-effective patent attorney services                       

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How to patent an idea?
Contact us at 800-528-1997 for a complimentary consultation. Our team is ready to assist with evaluating your product or service idea, conducting a patentability analysis, and drafting a patent application, complete with all necessary drawings and documentation. We aim to simplify the intricate patenting process, making it straightforward and cost-effective for you.

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Why do I need to patent my idea, product, or service?
Securing a patent for your idea, product, or service is crucial for both defensive and strategic purposes. It allows companies to safeguard their significant product innovations from being replicated by competitors. This protective measure is essential in maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring the uniqueness of your offerings in the marketplace.  

How much does a first patent consultation cost?
AYour initial consultation with us is complimentary! We dedicate time to understand your specific patent needs, offering guidance on the most cost-effective strategies to achieve optimal protection for your inventions. Contact us at 800-528-1997 for a no-cost consultation.

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