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IDP Patent Services is a leading provider of high-quality affordable patent application services. Not sure how to patent an idea for a product or service?
Call us today at 800-528-1997 for a free consultation!

We work with patent application clients US nationwide, as well as with international clients seeking patent protection in the United States. We also offer international patenting, including PCT patent applications. Most services are provided on a fixed fee or capped fee basis in order to provide cost-efficient patent and IP protection for our clients.


We provide patent application services to large national and global enterprises, small & medium-sized businesses, startups, and independent inventors, with a focus on offering high-quality and reasonable cost patent application and patent prosecution services.


Additionally, IDP Patent Services provides a range of services in the areas of innovation consulting, patent licensing, patent sales, start-up mobilization, innovation strategy, technology roadmap planning, business development, and general technology management.


With license to practice in patent cases before the USPTO, graduate degrees in general engineering & computer science, and long-term engineering and technology management experience, we are the ideal partner for growing  technology companies seeking an affordable patent attorney to provide low-cost patent protection for their product innovations.


We are focused on providing high quality, affordable patent application and patent prosecution services, We offer a free consultation, which includes a basic patentability opinion.


IDP Fixed Fee Schedule

How to Get a Patent - Fast and Simple

The US now operates under a first-to-file patent system, which means that the point of invention conception is no longer relevant for claiming priority.

It is therefore vitally important that IP owners and inventors file as soon as possible after invention discovery in order to protect their intellectual property rights. IDP Patent Services offer a range of low-cost patent application packages that allow a company or individual to file consecutive provisional patent applications, as an innovation project evolves, which are then finally within one year captured in one or more non-provisional patent applications, claiming priority to the prior sequence of provisional applications.

Recognized as a leading US patent service provider by Top Ten Reviews, in their survey of Best Patent Services of 2016, IDP Patent Services provides high-quality and cost-efficient patent application and patent prosecution services at a lower cost than your regular patent attorney or patent law firm. Call us now for a free consultation to hear how we can help you protect your innovation.

How to patent a product?

What does it cost to file a patent application?

By use of technology and efficient work-processes, and due to our focus on value based growth, IDP Patent Services offer high-quality and and affordable patent attorney services.                       

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How to patent an idea?
Call us at 800-528-1997. We will help you review your idea for a product or service, provide a patentability assessment, and prepare a patent application, including necessary drawings and related documents. We make the complex patenting process easy and affordable.

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Why do I need to patent my idea, product, or service?
Most companies obtain patents for defensive and strategic reasons, in order to protect their substantial product innovation against copying by competitors ...  


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How much does a first patent consultation cost?
A first consultation is always free!  We are happy to spend time with you, reviewing your particular patent situation, and advising you on what steps would be most cost-effective to obtain optimal protection of your inventions.
Call us at 800-528-1997 for a free consultation!

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